About us

The Passion Fruit crew, as of July 2009

The Passion Fruit crew, as of July 2009

Passion Fruit is an initiative to help relate our Christian faith to our daily lives, and live out the exhilarating, love-filled lives that Jesus has called us to. We want to become passionate disciples of Christ, to love one another despite our weaknesses, and together be good news to others.

We are based in Maisons-Laffitte to the west of Paris, France. We have members aged 19 to fifty-something and are open to anyone in the area who’s keen to figure out what following Jesus might actually mean in the 21st Century.

Our values include:

  • Integrating our faith with our daily lives
  • Learning from Scripture and being open to the Holy Spirit
  • Finding practical ways to grow in our faith
  • Being accountable to and accepting one another
  • Welcoming and reaching out to others
  • Having fun

Our commitments as a group:

  • To meet as a group once per week in Maisons-Laffitte
  • To spend time in preparation for each session and
  • To try to put the learning from each session into practice
  • To support each other outside the scheduled sessions
  • To find an outward-focused expression of the group’s faith
  • To look to multiply the group when appropriate

If you’re interested in joining us, you’d be very welcome!  Do get in touch!

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